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الإعلام العربي
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Understand and summarize authentic written and spoken passages related to Arab media in the Arab world.
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1.  Identify the key arguments of the text.
2.  Read in depth to review common expressions used in a text related to media in the Arab world.
3.  Recognize the appropriate word or expression in order to better understand the main idea of the text.
4.  Find more detailed ideas included in the text.
5.  Sum up key information and important supporting details.
6.  Recognize the main ideas in an authentic radio broadcast.
7.  Transcribe common dialect phrases used in the speech of the radio talk show guest.
8.  Compare the main audio report to a to a related audio segment.
9.  Provide consecutive interpretation for a radio broadcast.
10.  Examine your lexical, socio-cultural and grammatical knowledge of this unit.
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