Weekly Training Events (WTE)

The project name refers to the four hours a week military and government linguist/analysts use to maintain and enhance foreign language skills. Our mission is to enable these critical personnel to independently, conveniently and efficiently maintain and improve language skills whatever their location or circumstance. In 2006, the WTE project won the Allied Academies Distinguished Education Program Award.
WTE lessons are not sequenced. Learners select what interests them based on ILR skill level and topic. WTEs not only teach receptive skills like reading and listening, but also productive skills like speaking, writing, transcription, translation and interpretation. They also focus on such important post-basic FLOs as identifying textual bias and discerning individual speech characteristics.

WTE currently offers two formats, each taking about four hours to complete.
2006 FY WTEs average five activities supplemented by two GLOSS or LangNet lessons (one reading, one listening). They incorporate relevant vocabulary and grammar for more efficient practice and better retention. The supplemental lessons are linked in the "Resources" tab of each 2006 WTE; learners can link to these before or after completing the WTE lesson.
Since 2007, WTEs average ten activities, including a review test with print-out certificate.


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